Commercial & Corporate Law

Commercial and corporate law are the core of our business. More than 90% of our clients are companies either domestic or international and we have a wealth of experience in every aspect of   companies’ law.

We advise clients when choosing the best investment vehicle from corporate and tax point of view, we are seasoned with creating multi jurisdictional holding structures.

In terms of transactions, we have integrated artificial intelligence into our activity, so that the due diligence procedure can be carried out as quickly and securely as possible.

When acting for the vendors we have created 1-5 years exit plans, setting up virtual data rooms, performing vendor’s due diligence, up to negotiating the SPA and assisting the clients during pre and post signing.

As for the buyers, they can count on us for identifying potential targets, obtaining business intelligence reports, drafting letters of intent, performing due diligence reports as well as negotiating the sale purchase agreement and assisting the clients during, pre and post signing.

Other Services