A strength of our department, in this area of expertise, which is highly valued by clients, is that all our knowledge about gambling is complemented by our in-depth knowledge in other legal fields complementary (IP, Law on the protection of personal data).

The team of our gambling department facilitates customers’ safe navigation through the complex regulatory framework and the licensing procedures of the National Gambling Office, while having the ability to properly understand customer needs and objectives, such as and their need to be provided not only with legal advice but also business-oriented advice. Moreover, we are able to provide timely and sound legal support that can cover all aspects of a gambling business (licensing, purchasing and leasing gambling devices and / or locations, drafting, reviewing and negotiating of different types of contracts specific to this industry, taxation, labor relations).

In addition, on behalf of clients, our lawyers have been involved in the public debate procedure of the new legal framework on gambling, supporting practical approaches in line with international industry standards.

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